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Welcome to Inspirational Mandalas

Congratulations on taking your first step towards owning your very own Mandala. A Mandala is an auspicious image which will help to instil peace and tranquility in your life. In a world surrounded by chaos, it is sometimes difficult to appreciate the background of stillmess on which life appears. Like clouds floating in the sky, your mind is often filled with distracting thoughts and images, one after another. A Mandala will help to clear your cloudy mind and so reveal a blue sky of clarity, so to speak. The image can be used during meditation to help you find your true essence. It will be like a light which guides you to that special place of peace every time you see it.

You will know exactly which Mandala to choose by noticing the subtle effect it has on you as the intention of each Mandala is to bring love and light. It is the inner guidance which is developed when practising Mandala meditation.